Cleaning Service Policies

The following policies are in place to help the Cleaning by Tina  (CBT) team serve you better, more efficiently, and to help us remain on-schedule.  

**There is no contract to be signed regarding these policies.  They are agreed upon when you decide to start service with us.**


1) Payment Policy: Payment for services is due upon receipt of service.  Larger jobs may require a security deposit to hold a date however and that would be negotiated in the terms of the service cost estimate you receive and you will have advance notice of those terms.


2)Cancellation Policy: Emergencies sometimes do arise unexpectedly. If a customer needs to cancel a house cleaning appointment, we request that 24-hour notice be given; otherwise, a cancellation fee  ($50) will be billed.


3)Vacation Policy: If you are leaving for vacation and wish to skip a service appointment please notify us as soon as possible to avoid cancellation fees.  If you wish to continue service while you are on vacation (coming home to a clean home is always a treat!), payment for service is due prior to your vacation departure date from your home.


4) Inclement Weather Policy: If inclement weather affects Maryland and it is deemed harmful and unsafe to drive or travel into the neighborhoods and local towns, scheduled customers will receive a timely phone call or email, and we will reschedule your cleaning service as quickly as possible.**We do request that customers clear their driveways and sidewalks for our safety as well.**


5) Lock out Policy: If we show up to a customer’s home for a scheduled cleaning, and cannot enter; we will attempt to contact the customer so they may provide a way to enter.  If we cannot reach the customer and cannot enter the home and perform the cleaning, a Lock-Out fee will be billed that is equal to 50% of the normal cleaning bill.


6) Pet Policy: All pets should be contained in their own living space (room, crate, or other area designated by the home owner) while we are servicing a customers home.  It is for their own safety that they are not left unsupervised and exposed to cleaning supplies that are toxic and poisonous in addition to being around loud, heavy cleaning equipment.  Pets also cause accidents and injuries to staff members if they get underfoot, jump up, or knock and push us while we are trying to clean your home.

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